Welcome to "WOLFILAND"

Wolfiland is a new innovation to combine Defi, Game and NFT technology with digital market in one Metaverse System. Moreover, it provides Passive Income for Token and NFT holders in a unique way and a new method.

Note : " This Private Sale is on Binance Smart Chain! Make sure your wallet is BSC Network ! "

" To accomplish our ambitious goals, we seek to raise $3M USD worth of Wolfiland Token. "



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Launch Detail

Token Name : $WOLFILAND


Total Supply : 1.945.000

Seed Sale

$2.5 per token

97.250 tokens

1 ~ 8 May 2022

Private Sale

$5 per token

155.600 tokens

9 ~ 9 June 2022

Public Sale

$10 per token

97.250 tokens

10 ~ 30 June 2022

Market Launch

$15 per token

Liquidity 🔒

10 July 2022

  • Seed
  • Private
  • Public

Private Sale

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Price Wolfiland :
Price Discas :
$ 5.00 BUSD
$ 0.05 BUSD

How to Take Part

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Commit BNB

When the sale is live, you can “commit” your BNB tokens to buy the tokens being sold.

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After the sale finishes, you can start claiming tokens that you bought, and any unspent BNB tokens will be returned to your wallet.

"Carnaval Land"


"WolfiJunge P2E"


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If you'd like to donate to the Devs, send BNB, WSPP, GWSPP or ABS here. Thank you for your support! Auuuuuu!